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Northern lights (aurora borealis) 2

Four days ago something exploded on the Sun (biggest activity since 2005), sending billions of electrically charged particles towards our planet. I had a privilege to meet them entering our atmosphere.   You can subscribe to this page, if you like. Or decide not to give a damn about it. [subscribe2]  

Wallpapers Set – Norway

BTW: IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE HERE, GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND SUBSCRIBE. THERE’S SOME MORE TO COME :) All wallpapers in 1440×900 px. All from Norway. Click, download and enjoy.Fjærland in More og Romsdal, Norway. It’s also the place when you have bookshelves standing on sidewalk and you can buy a book by just putting 10NOK into special box. This is a view I had everyday whilst driving to work in Alesund, if it wasn’t raining. And if you check weather forecast, it rains almost non-stop. This is called Trollveggen. Fun starts when a caravan […]

Hammerfest, Finnmark, Norge

I just realized, that if this is how a road to your new home look like… … you either made something terribly wrong or damn right with your life. So, basicaly, now we live in a northernmost city IN THE WORLD.

Atlantic Ocean Road Trip

This is a shoot from Statoil in Molde, taken during our trip to Atlantic Ocean Road – first on The Guardian’s list of the world’s best road trips, Norwegian Construction of the Century, etc. etc. In our opinion road it’s totally overrated (try Trollstigen instead), but this view… And some more:


There’s only 15,23 people/km2 in Norway, so when you see any, you need to take a picture.