Inside the fire

I was working as a photographer in a local newspaper Hammerfestingen in northernmost town in the world – Hammerfest, Norway. Two weeks ago camping place on Storsvingen was on fire, so everyone rushed in that direction. Fire brigade was already there. This was actually them, who started the fire in the first place, because it was just a training (camping buildings are going to be demolished to make a room for new flats). The next day we were invited to go into the burning buildings together with firefighters. Taking pictures with fire over your head, mask covering your face, water dripping from ceiling and in thick black smoke is quiet a challenge. This is what came out of it.

Camera used: Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35 mm f2.8 for inside the house pictures. 16-35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4 and 24-105mm f4.0 for pictures taken from outside.