+ Over 15 video-projects for corporations and smaller companies (both camera work, directing and editing)

+ Projects for oil industry leaders and suppliers

+ Pictures in country’s biggest newspaper (VG)

+ Contributor in Corbis (worlds biggest picture bank)

+ Clients from numerous European countries

+ Background in advertising (for brands like Lipton, Nivea, Canal+, Skoda)

About me

My name is Zbigniew «Ziggi» Wantuch. I’m photographer and videographer with a basecamp in Møre og Romsdal, and a high camp in northernmost town in the world – Hammerfest, Finnmark – far in Norwegian Arctic.

I specialize in industry photography and editorial reportage. My pictures were published in country’s biggest newspaper (VG), London based magazine distributed all over the world (Recharge News) and are used by some of the biggest companies in oil industry.

I was born in Poland but moved to Norway because I always wanted to have a fjord in my backyard. Since then I understood why 10 *C is a perfect weather for T-shirt and learned how to enjoy sweet brown cheese with bacon and old fish soaked in soup.

People make funny noises when trying to pronounce my name, so everyone just call me Ziggi.

 Need some pictures from Norway? Write (Polski, English or Norsk): hello[at]ziggi.no

Let’s shoot something.